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IDJournal TitleArticle TitleAuthorYr. PubPublisher
1026 CO M P U T E R S C I E N C E R E V I E W 1 1 – 1 2 ( 2 0 1 4 ) 1 – 2 9Aeronautical communication transition from analog to digital data: A network security surveyMohamed Slim Ben Mahmoud2014ScienceDirect Download
1210 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 55 ( 2012 ) 730 – 738Micro-teaching videos in EF L teacher education methodology courses: Tools to enhance E nglish proficiency and teaching skills among trainees Assist. Prof. Dr. Perihan Savas2012ScienceDirect Download
545 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 104 – 111 Screening of Fungal Rot Isolates fr om Cocoa as Phosphate-Dissolving and Their Growth Ability on Three Types of MediaIradhatullah Rahim; Tutik Kuswinanti; Laode Asrul; Burhanuddin Rasyid 2015ScienceDirect Download
546 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 112 – 118Hypocholesterolemic Properties of Protein Isolate from Cowpeas ( Vigna unguiculata ) Sprout in Normal and Diabetic RatsBayu Kanetro2015ScienceDirect Download
548 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 132 – 136 Effects of Gedi Leaves ( Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik) as a Herbal Plant Rich in Mucilages on Blood Lipid Profiles and Carcass Quality of Broiler Chickens as Functional Food Jet Saartje Mandey; Florencia N. Sompie; Rustandi; Cherly J. Pontoh2015ScienceDirect Download
549 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 137 – 141 Garlic Antioxidant ( Allium sativum L. ) to Prevent Meat Rancidity Nurwantoro; V. P. Bintoro; A. M. Legowo; A. Purnomoadi; B. E. Setiani2015ScienceDirect Download
551 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 150 – 155The Effect of Improving Sanita tion Prior to Milking on Milk Quality of Dairy Cow in Farmer Group Yuni Suranindyah; Endang Wahyuni; Sigit Bintara; Galuh Purbaya2015ScienceDirect Download
552 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 156 – 161The Correlation Between Knowledge and Attitude on Food Colorant Uses of PKK Mothers in Penggaron Lor Village Suparmi; Ophi Indria Desanti; Budhy Cahyono2015ScienceDirect Download
554 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 174 – 181 Amino Acid and Fatty Acid of Abalone Haliotis squamata Cultured in Different Aquaculture Systems Magdalena Latuihamallo; Dulmi’ad Iriana; Danny Apituley2015ScienceDirect Download
555 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 182 – 189 Anti-inflammatory of Purple Roselle Extract in Diabetic Rats Induced by Streptozotocin Mardiah; Fransiska Rungkat Zakaria; Endang Prangdimurti; Rizal Damanik2015ScienceDirect Download
556 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 190 – 199Isolation and Physiological Characterization of PGPR from Potato Plant Rhizosphere in Medium Land of Buru Island Henry Kesaulya; Baharuddin; Bandron Zakaria; Syatrianty A. Syaiful2015ScienceDirect Download
558 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 211 – 215 Dewaka Banana As An Alternative Energy SourceNi Luh Sri Suryaningsih; Yenni Pintauli Pasaribu2015ScienceDirect Download
560 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 223 – 230 Effect of Different Bleaching Temperatures on the Quality of Refined Catfish ( Clarias gariepinus ) Oil Mia Srimiati; Clara M. Kusharto; Ikeu Tanziha; Sugeng Hari Suseno2015ScienceDirect Download
561 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 231 – 243 Analysis of α -cryptoxanthin, β -cryptoxanthin, α -carotene, and β - carotene of Pandanus conoideus oil by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Zita L. Sarungallo; Purwiyatno Hariyadi; Nuri Andarwulan; Eko H. Purnomo; Mitsuhiro Wada2015ScienceDirect Download
562 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 244 – 254Nutmeg’s ( Myristica fragrans Houtt) Oleoresin: Effect of Heating to Chemical Compositions and Antifungal Properties Indah Rodianawati; Pudji Hastuti; M. Nur Cahyanto2015ScienceDirect Download
563 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 255 – 261 Antidiabetic Activity of Durian ( Durio zibethinus Murr.) and Rambutan ( Nephelium lappaceum L.) Fruit Peels in Alloxan Diabetic Rats Muhtadi; Alfiani Urilia Primarianti; Tanti Azizah Sujono 2015ScienceDirect Download
564 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 262 – 273Added value improvement of taro and sweet potato commodities by doing snack processing activity Dian Adi Anggraeni Elisabeth2015ScienceDirect Download
539 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 27 – 34Cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz.) Improvement through Gamma Irradiation Nurul Khumaida; SinthoWahyuning Ardie; Mita Dianasari; Muhamad Syukur2015ScienceDirect Download
565 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 274 – 279In Vivo Study on Albumin and Total Protein in White Rat (Rattus norvegicus) after Feeding of Enteral Formula from Tempe and Local Food Yuniar Khasanah; Ratnayani; D. Ariani, M. Angwar; T. Nuraeni2015ScienceDirect Download
571 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 330 – 339Assessment of Groundnut Varietal Tolerant to Aflatoxin Contamination in Indonesia A.A. Rahmianna; Purnomo; E. Yusnawan 2015ScienceDirect Download
573 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 348 – 354Agronomic Characteristic and Nutrient Content from Several Soybean Promising Lines with High Isoflavones M. Muchlish Adie; Ayda Krisnawati; Didik Harnowo2015ScienceDirect Download
540 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 35 – 51N,O-Carboxymethyl Chitosan: An Innovation in New Natural Preservative from Shrimp Shell Waste with a Nutritional Value and Health Orientation Heri Septya Kusuma; Achmad Farikhin Al-sa’bani; Handoko Darmokoesoemo2015ScienceDirect Download
574 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 355 – 363Selection of soybean genotypes by seed size and its prospects for industrial raw material in Indonesia Ayda Krisnawati; M. Muchlish Adie 2015ScienceDirect Download
575 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 364 – 370Analysis of Livestock Product Consumption Coastal Household In North Minahasa RegencyFemi Hadidjah Elly; Merry Manese; Nansi Margret Santa; Ingriet Deybie Rinny Lumenta 2015ScienceDirect Download
577 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 383 – 388 The Effects of Acetic Acid Concentration and Extraction Temperature on Physical and Chemical Properties of Pigskin Gelatin M. Sompie; S. E Surtijono; J. H. W Pontoh; N. N. Lontaan2015ScienceDirect Download
541 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 69 – 73 Folate Content Of Mung Bean Flour Prepared By Various Heat- Treatments Miftakhussolikhah; M. Kurniadi; C. Dewi Poeloengasih; A. Frediansyah; A. Susanto2015ScienceDirect Download
543 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 82 – 95Physical, Sensorial and Chemical Characteristics of Simulated Chips of Cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz): Rice ( Oryza sativa L . ) mix. Adil Basuki Ahza; Tiaranissa Ikhsani Fidiena; Subarna Suryatman2015ScienceDirect Download
544 Procedia Food Science 3 ( 2015 ) 96 – 103 The Potency of Endophytic Fungal Isolates Collected from Local Aromatic Rice as Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) Producer Syamsia; Tutik Kuswinanti; Elkawakib Syam’un; Andi Masniawat2015ScienceDirect Download
1271Aceaceaceaceace Download
1273adminadminadminadmiadmin Download
89Advances in Climate Change Research 8 (2017) 1-2Multi-scale climate variations in the arid Central AsiaCHEN F.-H.2017Ke Ai Download
91Advances in Climate Change Research 8 (2017) 12-17Moisture sources of extreme summer precipitation events in North Xinjiang and their relationship with atmospheric circulationHUANG Wei; CHANG Shi-Qiao; XIE Cheng-Ling; ZHANG Zhi-Ping2017Ke Ai Download
90Advances in Climate Change Research 8 (2017) 3-11Summary of current research on Central Asian vortexYANG Lian-Mei a; ZHANG Yun-Hui 2017Ke Ai Download
733Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 100–105Weather Index Derivatives in Risk Transfer for Agricultural Natural HazardsYong Yang2010ScienceDirect Download
734Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 106–115Ecological footprint analysis of food consumption of rural residents in China in the latest 30 years CHEN Dong-dong; GAO Wang-sheng; CHEN Yuan-quan; Zhang Qiao2010ScienceDirect Download
735Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 116–125Farmer’s Adaptation to Climate Risk in the Context of ChinaCHEN; ZUO Ting; Rabina G. Rasaily2010ScienceDirect Download
736Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 126–135Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Drought Vulnerability Based on the Analytic Hierarchy ProcessJing Cheng; Jian – ping Tao a2010ScienceDirect Download
737Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 136–145Analysis and Feasibility of Crop Revenue Insurance in ChinaJoseph B. Cole; Richard Gibson2010ScienceDirect Download
724Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 13–23Development Strategies on Agricultural Insurance under the Building of New CountrysideFeng Qingshui; Zhang Xuewei2010ScienceDirect Download
738Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 146–151On the Pilot Agriculture Insurance Program in Zhejiang ProvinceXingchun Zhong; Yang Qiao; Wei Lin; Man Li; Weihua Fang2010ScienceDirect Download
739Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 152–156Uncertainty, Risk Aversion and Risk Management in AgricultureUncertainty, Risk Aversion and Risk Management in AgricultureHao Aimin2010ScienceDirect Download
741Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 157–162Climate variability and bank lending in the Southeast USADenis Nadolnyak; Valentina Hartarska2010ScienceDirect Download
740Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 163–169The optimal boundary of political subsidies for agricultural insurance in welfare economic prospectXu Yuanchang; Jiang Jiyu2010ScienceDirect Download
742Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 170–178Risk of Exchange Rate Pass-thr ough and Adaptive Strategies of Land-intensive Products in ChinaRonghua Ju; Ruihua Yang2010ScienceDirect Download
743Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 179–186Analysis of the Demand for Weather Index Agricultural Insurance on Household level in Anhui, China BuChun Liu; MaoSong Li; Ying Guo; Kun Shan 2010ScienceDirect Download
744Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 187–192Interaction Relationship between Agricultural Insurance and Transfer of Land Contract Rights Based on Game Analysis of Farmer SelectionZhaojun Liu2010ScienceDirect Download
745Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 193–203Index based Crop Insurance Kolli N Rao2010ScienceDirect Download
746Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 204–211Managing Typhoon Related Crop Risk at WPC Craig W. Tillman; Joel K. Sivillo; Sergei A. Frolov2010ScienceDirect Download
747Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 212–218Measurement of the Fluctuation Ri sk of the China Fruit Market Price based on VaRWANG Chuan; ZHAO Junye; HUANG Min2010ScienceDirect Download
748Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 219–225Study on the assessment approach for crop loss riskQiao Zhang; Ke Wang; Xi Zhang 2010ScienceDirect Download
749Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 226–229The Farmers Behavior in Agricultural Insurance under the Von·Neuman-Morgenstern Utility ModelWANG Qing-song2010ScienceDirect Download
750Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 230–240Income Uncertainty, Risk Coping Mechanism and Farmer Production & Management Decisi on: An Empirical Study from Sichuan ProvinceWANG Yang2010ScienceDirect Download
751Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 241–250The Importance of Public-Private Partnerships in Agricultural Insurance in China: based on Analysis for BeijingLi Xing; Kaiyu Lu2010ScienceDirect Download
725Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 24–32International Conference on Agricu ltural Risk and Food Security 2010 Natural Disaster Risk Assessment of Grain Production in Dongting Lake Area, ChinaLaiyuan Zhong; Liming Liu; Yabing Liu2010ScienceDirect Download
752Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 251–257Modeling Agricultural Catastrophic RiskXU Lei; ZHANG Qiao2010ScienceDirect Download
753Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 258–261he Optimization Path and the Integration Mechanism of Agricultural Insurance in the Charge of GovernmentYu Juyun2010ScienceDirect Download
754Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 262–270Development Evaluation of China’ s Policy-oriented Agricultural Insurance: Based on the Realization Degree of Policy ObjectivesYuzhen Zeng; Yueying Mu2010ScienceDirect Download
755Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 271–277Regional Difference in Food Consumption Away from Home of Urban Residents: A Panel Data AnalysisXiaoxia Dong; Bingchuan Hu2010ScienceDirect Download
756Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 278–287Short-Term Price Forecasting For Agro-products Using Artificial Neural NetworksGan-qiong Li; Shi-wei Xu; Zhe-min Li2010ScienceDirect Download
757Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 288–295Designing Independent Regulatory System of Food Safety in ChinaYuhong Li; Rongguang Qi; Haiyun Liu2010ScienceDirect Download
758Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 296–300Reformation of voluntary food re call system from the angle of the theory of risk societyChing Lu; Yun Zhang2010ScienceDirect Download
759Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 301–310Study on China’s Food Security StatusNie Fengying; Bi Jieying; Zhang Xuebiao2010ScienceDirect Download
760Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 311–320The need of East Asian Agricultural Community and the Framework Goro Takahashi2010ScienceDirect Download
761Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 321–324ood Security, Food Prices and Climate Change in China: a Dynamic Panel Data AnalysisJintian Wang2010ScienceDirect Download
762Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 325–333A Method for Spatially Explicit A ssessment of Potential Risks of Food InsecurityWenbin Wu; Peng Yang; Huajun Tang2010ScienceDirect Download
763Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 334–343Influencing factors of consumer wi llingness-to-buy traceable foods: An analysis of survey data from two Chinese citiesRong Zhao; Juan Qiao; Yusheng Chen2010ScienceDirect Download
726Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 33–41Developing rice farm insurance in IndonesiaSahat M. Pasaribu2010ScienceDirect Download
764Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 344–353Efficient food safety regulation i n the agro-food wholesale marketYan Ren; Yufa An2010ScienceDirect Download
765Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 354–363Analysis of the main interests of agricultural insurance main body based on the perspective of evolutionary gamevHui Cao2010ScienceDirect Download
766Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 364–371Cognitive Dissonance under Food-Borne Risk: A Lab ExperimentYing Cao; David R. Just2010ScienceDirect Download
767Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 372–375Transferring Price of Rural Land Use Right with NPV and Game Analytical MethodPeng Han2010ScienceDirect Download
768Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 376–385Trade Liberalization, domestic input and sustainability of agricultural TFP growth: A new Perspective Ba sed on TFP growth structureWei Hong; Lijuan Cao; Na Hao2010ScienceDirect Download
769Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 386–395Households Food Security in Poverty-Stricken Regions: Evidence from Western Rural ChinaYun Li a; Wen Yu2010ScienceDirect Download
770Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 396–401Construction of Short-Term Forecast Model of Eggs Market PriceZhemin Li; Ganqiong Li; Yuting Wang2010ScienceDirect Download
771Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 402–411Make full use of two kinds of resources and two markets to protect our food security a nd raise farmers’ income ----Taking soybeans as an exampleLi Xin; Xu Dianqing b2010ScienceDirect Download
772Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 412–416Evaluation on Sustainable Food Security in Henan against the Background of Low-Carbon Economy Ma Songlin; Li Ruihong2010ScienceDirect Download
773Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 417–422Identifying Constraints, Mechanisms, and Resources in Harmonized International Food Safety System between the Asia Pacific Region and U.SJing Pan; Shanyue Huang; Yi Wan2010ScienceDirect Download
774Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 423–428A Effective Way to Improve the Performance of Food Safety Governance Based on Cooperative GameLi Qin2010ScienceDirect Download
775Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 429–438Trade Effects and Compliance Costs of Food Safety Regulations: the Case of ChinaHaiying Song a and Kevin Chen2010ScienceDirect Download
727Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 42–51Structure of a digital agriculture system and agricultural risks due to climate changesSamuel Shen; Alan Basist; Allan Howard2010ScienceDirect Download
776Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 439–448Cycle Phase Identification and Factors Influencing the Agricultural Commodity Price Cycle in China: Evidence from Cereal Prices ingjing Wang; Yongfu Chen; Xiuqing Wang; Xiaoping Zheng; Jing Zhao2010ScienceDirect Download
777Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 449–455Research of Investment Evaluation of Agricultural Venture Capital Project on Real Options ApproachZhen Wang; Xin Tang b2010ScienceDirect Download
778Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 456–461The research on the evaluation index system of livable rural areas in China—by the case of rural areas in Henan ProvinceXiaozhan Wang2010ScienceDirect Download
779Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 462–468Research on the Safety Risk Structure and Early Warning System of AgricultureWeidong Xi; Yonghai Sun; Xiaona Tian; Hongying Wang; Qingfen Jin2010ScienceDirect Download
780Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 469–476Impact of Sino-Australia free tr ade Agreement’s talks on China's dairy industry Wen Yu; Guangyan Cheng; Jun Yang2010ScienceDirect Download
781Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 477–482Study on Functions of the Agriculture Cooperative in Food Safety Meizhang xiangyuGuo2010ScienceDirect Download
782Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 483–487Reflection and perfection of the food recall system in ChinaYun Zhang 2010ScienceDirect Download
783Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 488–494The Research Review about the ef fect of bio-fuel development on agricultural market and agricultureFeng Gao; Li’en Zhao; Xuezhen Wang2010ScienceDirect Download
723Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 4–12Government Interventions in Agricultural InsuranceWilliam J A Dick; Weijing Wang2010ScienceDirect Download
728Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 52–61Natural Disaster’s Impact Evaluation of Rural Households’ Vulnerability: The case of Wenchuan earthquakeMengjie Sun; Baofeng Chen2010ScienceDirect Download
729Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 62–66An Empirical Study of Agricultural Insurance ------Evidence from ChinaTang Sai; Wang Yulian; Hui Xiaofeng2010ScienceDirect Download
730Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 67–75Crop Insurance Premium Design Based on Survival Analysis Model Erda Wang; Yang Yu; Bertis B. Little; Zuozhi Li2010ScienceDirect Download
731Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 76–89A Monte Carlo model for simulating insufficiently remunerating risk premium: case of market failure in organic farming Ludwig Lauwers; Lieve Decock; Jan Dewit; Erwin Wauters2010ScienceDirect Download
732Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 1 (2010) 90–99Evaluation on the Efficiency of Crop Insurance in China’s Major Grain-Producing AreaRuihua Yang; Lihong Wang; Zude Xian2010ScienceDirect Download
95Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 29 (2016) 153-170Craving sensation in the assessment of alcohol-dependent personsArtur Juczyński; Jan Chodkiewicz; Krzysztof Gąsior; Marcin Ziółkowski2016ELSEVIER Download
92Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 29 (2016) 183-208External evaluation of the school and academic achievements in relation to alcohol drinking and delinquent behaviour among secondary school studentsJoanna Mazur; Anna Kowalewska; Dorota Zawadzka; Anna Dzielska; Kamil Wais2016ELSEVIER Download
93Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 29 (2016) 209-222East – west disparities in alcohol-related harmJacek Moskalewicz; Yury Razvodovsky 2; Łukasz Wieczorek2016ELSEVIER Download
94Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 29 (2016) 223-236Factors shaping the Swedish alcohol market in the context of the changes in the state monopolyPiotr Wetoszka2016ELSEVIER Download
881Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 1 - 11Towards the control of necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens with in-feed antibiotics phasing-out worldwideShawkat A. M'Sadeq; Shubiao Wu; Robert A. Swick; Mingan Choct2015ScienceDirect Download
882Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 12-18Effect of medium-chain triglycerides on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, plasma metabolites and antioxidant capacity in weanling pigsYue Li; Hao Zhang; Li Yang; Lili Zhang; Tian Wang2015ScienceDirect Download
883Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 19 - 23Effect of dietary supplementation of xylanase on apparent ileal digestibility of nutrients, viscosity of digesta, and intestinal morphology of growing pigs fed corn and soybean meal based dietAdsos Adami Passos; Inkyung Park; Peter Ferket; Elke von Heimendahl; Sung Woo Kim2015ScienceDirect Download
884Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 24 - 29Dietary composition affects odour emissions from meat chickensNishchal K. Sharma; Mingan Choct; Shu-Biao Wu; Robert Smillie; Robert A. Swick2015ScienceDirect Download
885Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 30 - 35Myokine interleukin-15 expression pro fi le is different in suckling and weaning pigletsYehui Duan; Fengna Li; Bie Tan; Binbin Lin; Xiangfeng Kong; Yinghui Li; Yulong Yin2015ScienceDirect Download
586Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 36 - 40Effects of dietary copper on elemental balance, plasma minerals and serum biochemical parameters of growing-furring male mink ( Mustela vison )Xuezhuang Wu; Hu Cui; Xiuhua Gao; Fuhe Yang2015ke Ai Download
587Animal Nutrition 1 (2015) 41 - 46The use of near infrared transmittance kernel sorting technology to salvage high quality grain from grain downgraded due to Fusarium damageMichael E. Kautzman; Mark L. Wickstrom; Tom A. Scot2015ke Ai Download
96Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 1-6The use of Lactobacillus as an alternative of antibiotic growth promoters in pigs: A reviewRunjun Dowarah; A.K. Verma; Neeta Agarwal2017Ke Ai Download
107Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 103-108Strategies and challenges to increase the precision in feeding zinc to monogastric livestockDaniel Brugger; Wilhelm M. Windisch2017Ke Ai Download
108Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 109-113Study of Bacillus subtilis on growth performance, nutrition metabolism and intestinal micro fl ora of 1 to 42 d broiler chickensZhenhua Gao; Haohao Wu; Lin Shi; Xiaohui Zhang; Ran Sheng; Fuquan Yin2017Ke Ai Download
98Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 11-18The potential of rapid visco-analysis starch pasting pro fi les to gauge the quality of sorghum as a feed grain for chicken-meat productionHa H. Truong; Ali Khoddami; Amy F. Moss; Sonia Y. Liu; Peter H. Selle a2017Ke Ai Download
110Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 127-131Effects of essential oils on performance, egg quality, nutrient digestibility and yolk fatty acid pro fi le in laying hensXuemei Ding; Yang Yu; Zhuowei Su; Keying Zhang2017Ke Ai Download
111Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 132-138Magnolol additive as a replacer of antibiotic enhances the growth performance of Linwu ducksQian Lin; Jianfei Zhao; Kun Xie; Yushi Wang; Guili Hu; Guitao Jiang2017Ke Ai Download
115Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 145-150Performance and ruminal parameters of fattening Moghani lambs fed recycled poultry beddingAyoub Azizi a; Afrooz Sharifi; Arash Azarfar; Ali Kiani; Alireza Jolazadeh2017Ke Ai Download
117Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 151-155Effects of raw material extrusion and steam conditioning on feed pellet quality and nutrient digestibility of growing meat rabbitsKuoyao Liao; Jingyi Cai; Zhujun Shi; Gang Tian; Dong Yan; Delin Chen2017Ke Ai Download
124Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 164-170Biochemical and histopathological changes in sheep fed different detoxi fi ed karanj ( Pongamia glabra ) seed cake as partial protein supplementsNira Manik Soren; Anil K. Sharma; Vadali R.B. Sastry2017Ke Ai Download
125Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 171-174Okara as a protein supplement affects feed intake and milk composition of ewes and growth performance of lambsLaura B. Harthan; Debbie J.R. Cherney2017Ke Ai Download
127Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 175-179Comparative methane estimation from cattle based on total CO 2 production using different techniquesMd N. Haque; Hanne H. Hansen; Ida M.L.D. Storm; Jørgen Madsen2017Ke Ai Download
129Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 186-190Nitrogen fractionation of certain conventional- and lesser-known by-products for ruminantsM.S. Mahesh; Sudarshan S. Thakur; Rohit Kumar; Tariq A. Malik; Rajkumar Gami2017Ke Ai Download
99Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 19-24Fermented soybean meal improves the growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and microbial fl ora in pigletsLin Yuan; Juan Chang; Qingqiang Yin; Min Lu; Yuanran Di; Ping Wang2017Ke Ai Download
100Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 25-32An early feeding regime and a high-density amino acid diet on growth performance of broilers under subclinical necrotic enteritis challengeChake Keerqin; Shu-Biao Wu; Birger Svihus; Robert Swick; Natalie Morgan2017Ke Ai Download
101Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 33-38Effects of fl avonoids from Allium mongolicum Regel on growth performance and growth-related hormones in meat sheepMuqier; Sarula Qi; Terigele Wang; Renwei Chen; Cuifang Wang; Changjin Ao2017Ke Ai Download
103Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 39-45Ovine hippocampal mRNA expression in offspring from dams supplemented with fi shmeal and stress challenged in late pregnancy with endotoxin 1Niel A. Karrow; Alison V. Lee; Margaret Quinton; Brian W; McBride2017Ke Ai Download
97Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 7-10Exploring polyamines: Functions in embryo/fetal developmentTarique Hussain; Bi'e Tan; Wenkai Ren; Najma Rahu; Dildar Hussain Kalhoro; Yulong Yin2017Ke Ai Download
105Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 91-96Nutritional modulation of health, egg quality and environmental pollution of the layersJing Wang; Hongyuan Yue; Shugeng Wu; Haijun Zhang; Guanghai Qi2017Ke Ai Download
106Animal Nutrition 3 (2017) 97-102Methodological aspects of determining phosphorus digestibility in swine: A reviewYue She; Defa Li; Shuai Zhang2017Ke Ai Download
784Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 1 – 7Evaluation of red pigment extracted from purple carrots and its utilization as antioxidant and natural food colorantsM.T.M. Assous; M.M. Abdel-Hady; Ghada M. Medany2010ScienceDirect Download
787Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 17–24Hypolipidemic effect of fat spreads containing flaxseed oilM.A. El-Waseif; H.H. Abd El-Dayem; H.A. Hashem; S.A. El-Behairy2014Elsevier Download
788Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 25–31Microstructure and textural properties of Kareish cheese manufactured by various waysGehan A.M. Hussein; Samah M. Shalaby2014Elsevier Download
789Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 33–39Effect of freezing on the pungency and antioxidants activity in leaves and bulbs of green onion in Giza 6 and Photon varietiesEshak M. El-Hadidy; Mohamed E.A. Mossa; Habashy N. Habashy2014Elsevier Download
790Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 41–45Suggested treatments for processing high nutritive value chicken burgerW.Z.A. Mikhail; H.M. Sobhy; M.F. Khallaf; Hala M.Z. Ali2014Elsevier Download
792Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 53–61Charactrization of carotenoids (lyco-red) extracted from tomato peels and its uses as natural colorants and antioxidants of ice creamEffat M. Rizk; Alaa T. El-Kady; Amany R. El-Bialy2014ScienceDirect Download
785Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1) 9–15Enhancement of quality attributes of canned pumpkin and pineappleM.T.M. Assous; E.M. Soheir Saad; A.S. Dyab2010ScienceDirect Download
799Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 109–118Effect of dual inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and sulphur-oxidising bacteria on onion ( Allium cepa L.) and maize ( Zea mays L.) grown in sandy soil under green house conditionsAmal A. Mohamed; Wedad E.E. Eweda; A.M. Heggo; Enas A. Hassan2014Elsevier Download
800Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 119–123Population fluctuation of some insect pests infesting sugar beet and the associated predatory insects at Kafr El-Sheikh GovernorateS.A. El-Dessouki; S.M. EI-Awady; K.A.M.H. El-Khawass; A.H. Mesbah2014Elsevier Download
801Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 125–131Effect of certain entomopathogenic fungi and nematode on the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal)Narmen A. Youssef2014Elsevier Download
802Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 133–145Physiological and biochemical studies on drought tolerance of wheat plants by application of amino acids and yeast extractSalwa A.R. Hammad; Osama A.M. Ali2014Elsevier Download
803Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 147–154Diallel analysis and separation of genetic variance components in eight faba bean genotypes. Ghareeb Zeinab; A.G. Helal2014Elsevier Download
791Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 47–51Fatty acid profile, antioxidant activity of various suggested chicken burger treatmentsF. Khallaf Mohamed; H.M. Sobhy; W.Z. Azer; M. Ezz El-Din Manal2014Elsevier Download
793Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 63–67Total phenolic contents and antioxidant activities of various solvent extracts from whole wheat and branSafaa S. Abozed; M. El-kalyoubi; A. Abdelrashid; Manal F. Salama2014Elsevier Download
794Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 69–75Effect of citric acid, calcium lactate and low temperature prefreezing treatment on the quality of frozen strawberryMagdy Abd-Elhady2014Elsevier Download
795Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 77–81The partial budget analysis for sorghum farm in Sinai Peninsula, EgyptM. El-Deep Soha2014ScienceDirect Download
796Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 83–88The economic evaluation of extension activities in forage crops production in Sinai Peninsula, EgyptA.A. El-Sayd; M. El-Deep Soha2014Elsevier Download
797Annals of Agricultural Science (2014) 59 (1), 89–94A comparison study on the effect of some growth regulators on the nutrients content of maize plant under salinity conditionsRama T. Rashad; Rashad A. Hussien2014Elsevier Download
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